21st Century Capitalism Conference 2022


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21st Century Capitalism

Conference on Business, Law and Governance


25 February 2022

Széchenyi István University Faculty of Law – Győr, Hungary


In the changing world Europe faces numerous local and global challenges, tightly connected with the everchanging relationship of democracy and capitalism. In a broader context, this relation defines the framework for democratic functioning and affects the quality of democracy.

Our interdisciplinary conference aims to discuss the new frontiers defined by novel economic and social dimensions, like e-trade, e-businesses, technology, privacy and quality of life; sustainability and environment; state interventions, regulation, policies, business and competition law; society and democracy - from the perspective of political science, economics, sociology and law.



Széchenyi István University, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Győr, Hungary

Full conference paper submission deadline: 18 February 2022.



21st Century Capitalism

Conference on Business, Law and Governance





Prof. Wawrzyniec Konarski, rector, Vistula University in Warsaw

Keynote Presentation and Questions:

Lessons from the Modern History?

The Polish State’s Historical Experiences with Selected Political Challenges and their Contemporary Legacy

Venue: Deák Room, Faculty of Law, Győr

Link: https://meet.google.com/wkk-ejhy-atb


Coffee Break




Sustainability,Technology and Competitiveness



 The Visible Hand in the 21st Century: the State – Legal Regulation, Interventions, Policies


 Business as Unusual - Private and Public Impacts of Pandemic





Hulkó, Gábor · Széchenyi István University



Personal participation

Faculty of Law, Győr


 Kraśnicka, Izabela · University of Bialystok

Smuk, Péter · Széchenyi István University




Amra, Kozo · University of Sarajevo

Ganczer, Mónika · Széchenyi István University


Faculty of Law, Győr


Alkhatib, Sewar

Széchenyi István University

Is Green Marketing Culturally Determined? The Role of Influencers Towards Green Marketing in Different Cultures

Borbély, Boglárka

Széchenyi István University

Power of Politics and the U.S. Supreme Court’s Reform

Bánhidi, Brigitta

Széchenyi István University

A Paradigm Shift for Leaders to Cope with the Pandemic

Business as Unusual – Pandemic, Management, Company Strategies

Bartuszek, Lilla Judit

University of Public Service

The Role of Public Administration in Sustainable Development - How the Innovation of Public Administration - Especially at the Level of Local Governments - Can Help Accelerate the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in in Hungary?

Bezsenyi, Tamás

Széchenyi István University

The Effectiveness of Joint Investigation Teams Against Human Trafficking

Huszár, Barbara E.

Széchenyi István University

Pandemic Office Market Trends in Budapest: The Change of Rent and Vacancy Levels Between 2019 and 2021

Business as Unusual – Pandemic, Management, Company Strategies

Frank, Máté

Széchenyi István University

The Contractual Dilemmas of Smart Contracts. Information Society v. Contract Law

Gazsó, Dániel

University of Public Service

Kin-State Activism in Central and Eastern Europe

Szilágyi, Balázs

University of Public Service

Limits of Transport, Energy, and Communication – a Central European Perspective

Business as Unusual – Pandemic, Management, Company Strategies

Keserű, Barna Arnold

Széchenyi István University

Virtual World, Virtual Law? Private Law Aspects of Digital Reality

Ghani, Usman ·

Széchenyi István University

Influence of Regime Change on Crime Control Trends and Surveillance Policies. A Review from (V4 Visegrád Group Countries) in Public Administration Perspective

Melenteva, Marina

Kutafin Moscow State Law University

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights of Teachers in Educational Process

Modern Economic and Legal problems

Stipkovits, Tamás István

Széchenyi István University

Damage Claims Related to Sharing Economy from the Viewpoint of Hungarian Law

Kovács-Szépvölgyi, Enikő

Széchenyi István University

The Role of the State in Digital Child Protection

Osypenkova, Olena

University of Public Service

Yemen Case: Weak State and the Largest Humanitarian Crisis of the Modern World

Modern Economic and Legal problems

Lovászy, László Gábor

University of Public Service

Corporate Individualism--Changing the Face of Capitalism

Moravcová, Dominika

Pan-European University

Consumer Protection Under the Brussels I bis and Rome I Regulations

Hossain, Kamal

Széchenyi István University

The Impact of Long-Term Capital Flows on China’s Economic Growth

Private and Public Finances



Dzuraková, Daniela

Pan-European University

Evolution of the EU Protection of Personal Data with Regards to the COVID-19 Pandemics

Gubicza, Gábor

Széchenyi István University

Job Rotation in the Management at the Automotive


Business as Unusual – Pandemic, Management, Company Strategies


Discussion in Sections


Prof. Péter Smuk, dean · Faculty of Law · Széchenyi István University

Closing remarks and presenting of Winter Seminar certificates






Chair of the Scientific Council


Wawrzyniec Konarski PhD., professor

Vistula University in Warsaw, Poland

Members of the Scientific Council


Kateřina Frumarová PhD., associate professor

Palacký University in Olomouc, Czech Republic

Mónika Ganczer PhD., associate professor

Széchenyi István University, Hungary

Lilla Garayová PhD., assistant professor

Pan-European University, Slovakia

Gábor Hulkó PhD., associate professor

Széchenyi István University, Hungary

Amra Kožo PhD., assistant professor

University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Izabela Kraśnicka PhD., dr hab., associate professor

University of Bialystok, Poland

Marina Lazareva PhD., head of department

Kutafin Moscow State Law University, Russia

Michal Radvan PhD., associate professor

Masaryk University, Czech Republic

Tamara Álvarez Robles PhD., lecturer

University of Vigo, Spain

Esther Seijas Villadangos PhD., professor

Universidad de León, Spain

Péter Smuk PhD., professor

Széchenyi István University, Hungary


The Scientific Committee will select the best papers that will be recommended for publication in international scientific journals.

Formal requirements.



Information, contact and paper submission:



Prof. Peter Smuk,

Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences


Dr. Gabor Hulko,

Associate professor of administrative law


Entry Rules to Hungary (COVID):


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