Winter Seminar 2022



21st Century Capitalism

Business, Law and Governance


Winter Seminar 2022

Interdisciplinary Intensive Seminar & Conference


21-25 February 2022

Széchenyi István University Faculty of Law – Győr, Hungary


In the changing world Europe faces numerous local and global challenges, tightly connected with the everchanging relationship of democracy and capitalism. In a broader context, this relation defines the framework for democratic functioning and affects the quality of democracy. The Winter Seminar 2022 aims to discuss the new frontiers defined by novel economic and social dimensions, like e-trade, e-businesses, technology, privacy and quality of life; sustainability and environment; state interventions, regulation, policies, business and competition law; society and democracy - from the perspective of political science, economics, sociology and law.



  • The interdisciplinary intensive seminar offers a workshop and a forum for students and young researchers.
  • Noted experts, lecturers and professors from European universities help to discover and discuss the various aspects of the new challenges of democracy and capitalism.
  • The seminar will include academic lectures, workshop opportunities and cultural events with the active contribution of participants.
  • The Seminar is open for higher education students and PhD candidates as young researchers from any fields of legal, economic, media, communications, social, international or security studies from all over Europe.
  • The language of the Seminar is English.
  • We present certificates of participation and contributions.


Winter Seminar 2022 „21st Century Capitalism”

Program 21-25 February 2022, Győr, Hungary



Monday [21 Febr]

Tuesday (22)

Wednesday (23)

Thursday (24)

Friday (25)





(Venue: Student Hostel)




Sightseeing walk





Attila Marján, habil.

associate professor, University of Public Service, Budapest


Is the EU a geopolitical player?





7.30 Trip to Budapest



Visit to the

House of the Nation, the Parliament of Hungary



István Stumpf

professor, Széchenyi István University


How the crises shape the capitalism?





On Rights and Freedoms


Marina Lazareva

associate professor, Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL)

Quality of life and constitutional list of social rights under capitalism.


Tamara Alvarez Robles

assistant professor, University of Vigo

The guarantee of the digitalization of the Spanish State through the digital rights.



21st Century Capitalism







Peter Smuk, professor,

dean, Faculty of Law, Széchenyi István University


Get involved – workshop



Venue: MC123


Judit Glavanits, PhD habil.

associate professor,

Péter Bálint, Király

assistant professor,

Gergő, Gajzágó

assistant professor,

Széchenyi István University (DFK, KGYK)


Cryptoeconomy in Practice:

Workshop on How Blockchain May Change Our Lives



Lecture and Workshop


Cleopatra Charles

associate professor, School of Public Affairs and Administration (SPAA) at Rutgers University–Newark


"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Debt: A Look at America's Fiscal Future"


Venue: University of Public Service


[15.00 - Sightseeing in Budapest]

14.00-17.00 WORKSHOP

Venue: MC123


Klaudia Kamińska: Establishing a business in Poland

Anton Tishkin: A furniture factory business in Russian Federation - legal & practical aspects

Lilla Judit Bartuszek JD: Sustainable Cities: sustainable development in our daily lives

Vlastislav Stavinoha: The challenge of education in unrecognized states to democracy and capitalism

Carla Núñez Castro & Raúl Rodríguez Cruz & Alfonso Diez: The right to education

Julia Pavlova & Mariia Prokhvatilova & Sofiia Agadzhanova: Russian Festivals

Basov Maksim: Cryptocurrency in Russia


Certificates, farewell


Evening out

Evening out

20.00 Back to Győr

19.00 Cultural Evening

[Self-introduction of nations]



Venue: Faculty of Law, 12 Áldozat str. Győr, Deák-room. Lectures on Tuesday and Thursday will be streamed online on Google Meets platform.



Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Széchenyi István University


Coordinator and Supervisor:

Prof. Péter SMUK, dean, Faculty of Law, Széchenyi István University

Co-supervisor: Prof. István STUMPF, former Judge of the Hungarian Constitutional Court

Co-ordinator: Dr. Gabor Hulkó, associate professor, Széchenyi István University


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